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H & P Staging
Designer: Michelle Hanson
Furniture Restoration is something that is very important to us.  We don't use mass produced pieces that every other house will have, we take hand crafted, made in the USA, solid wood pieces and  restore them back to new.  For our newest project, The Mill Street House, we chose furniture and decor that stayed true to the age of the home.  By doing this, we created an environment that showcases the beauty of all the original features this home has to offer.   
Drexel Touraine French Provincial Furniture

The Drexel Furniture Company was incorporated on  Nov. 10th 1903 and began making fine furniture in a small factory near Morganton in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.​
Drexel produced a stunning french provincial furniture set from the mid 1950s through the mid 1960s called Touraine which is still popular today.
 The furniture was inspired by the curvy lines classically found in Louis XV furniture which became popular during the period of 1730 to 1775.
 The unbroken curves are one of the key features of classic Louis XV furniture.
This unique style is expressed in the delicate curves of Touraine dressers which extend down from the drawers to the legs of the furniture.
The Touraine collection is one of the only french provincial collections to feature a serpentine shape.
The Set includes a larger 9 drawer Touraine chest featuring 6 side drawers and 3 smaller middle drawers along with a tall 5 drawer dressor. This unique design offers a substantial amount of storage space.    A matching mirror add the depth to the space and the queen sized bed is perfect for this homes large rooms.   
The Mill Street House
Club Chairs designed by Morris Futorian
Morris Futorian (1907-1994) emigrated with his family from the Ukraine in 1923 at age fifteen. Futorian, along with his father, went to work as an upholsterer in the Glabman Brothers factory in Chicago. After losing his job during the Great Depression, Futorian began his own hand-made furniture business at home.  He later relocated to New Albany, Mississippi.  
These club chairs came with the original sales receipt dating them back to 1969.
Military Trunk from 
AmericanHardware Company Inc.
During both World Wars the company manufactured such items as gun parts, hand grenades, and military transport footlockers. In 1950 they employed 4,200 persons and occupied 2,255,912 square feet of floor space in three factories in New Britain, Connnecticut.
Our Footlocker is dated September 23, 1935
It provides this hallway space with a bench seat as well as storage for the area.  
Square D Electrical Box 
Square D is an American manufacturer of electrical equipment.  The company was founded on December 15, 1902 by Bryson Dexter Horton and James B. McCarthy in Chicago.

This electrical box, copyrighted in 1922, was part of the old electrical work that was removed from the job.  We thought why not make a key holder out of it. We took out the inside wires, wire brushed it, and sprayed it with a hammered bronze finish, giving this piece a new purpose.     
Hang your coat on a coat rack made from a repurposed drawer front. This drawer was the bottom drawer to one of the historical furniture pieces used as a vanity on this rehab project . 
Repurposed Drawer Front
Vintage Pepsi Crate 
**All staging items are for sale.  For pricing, come visit us at 70 Mill St Bridgewater, MA 02324**
To set up an appointment call Michelle at 508.783.6578
Why fill this vintage pepsi crate with pepsi when you can fill it with wine bottles.  Keep your full bottle and empty bottles together in the 1940's vintage pepsi bottle crate.   There's no date on this, but based on the logo, this particular logo was used from 1940-1950.
Vintage Hat Box Luggage
Now this piece is really interesting.  There are a few luggage stickers on this one that tells the story of where its been and how far it traveled.  
Mallory Line / Clyde-Mallory Line
Mallory Line (New York & Texas Steamship Co.), New York (1866-1932), one of the old family-owned passenger lines in the coastwise trade. As its formal name suggests, the line connected New York with Galveston, Texas, and later expanded with routes to New Orleans, Havana, and Mobile.
The Dom-Hotel
The Dom-Hotel is a 5-Star Hotel in Cologne, Germany, located on Roncalliplatz in Innenstadt. The hotel is named after Cologne Cathedral (the Dom), which is its direct neighbour. The hotels is one of the oldest grand hotels in Europe; its location and history make it one of the city's most prominent buildings.

Holland-America Cruise Line
From 1873 to 1989, it was a Dutch shipping line, a passenger line, a cargo line and a cruise line operating primarily between the Netherlands and North America. As part of this rich legacy, it was instrumental in the transport of many hundreds of thousands of immigrants from the Netherlands to North America.